The newest, fully equipped, luxurious boutique Classical Pilates Studio now open at the JW Marriott Hotel, Bengaluru.


The newest, fully equipped, luxurious boutique Pilates Studio now open at the JW Marriott Hotel, Bengaluru.

At AATMA Pilates Studio, we teach the Classical Pilates method. A Studio where we follow the original teachings of Joseph Pilates often referred to as the ‘Classical method’. The Studio is curated to teach Pilates inspired by Intentional Living that not only makes you feel better physically but holistically too.

Pilates helps you achieve holistic development through coordination and control of the mind,body and spirit.Pilates strengthens the core, develops long-lean muscles, improves posture, and revitalises the body.

AATMA Pilates Studio provides a safe and inclusive environment for clients of all ages to build strength, condition, and nourish both the internal & external system through private sessions that are personalized specifically to your needs.

AATMA Pilates Studio is equipped with the legendary Pilates equipment brand, CenterLine. At AATMA we provide the complete Classical Pilates experience using the Universal Reformer, the Cadillac, the Wunda Chair, the Ladder Barrel, and small props like the Spine Corrector, Joe’s Toe Gizmo, and the Foam Roller.


After a few years of teaching at a Pilates Studio, Ramya decided to go solo. She decided the way forward is to teach privates and small sessions. As a former Marriott Senior Executive & a seasoned hospitality professional, Ramya knew the way to truly experience Aatma is amidst a luxurious, personalized setting. She curated a Pilates Studio brand driven by its passion to offer personalised Pilates sessions suited to individual’s needs.

This is how AATMA was born.

AATMA Pilates studio deeply emphasizes mindful nutrition habits & lifestyle.The only way to imbibe holistic wellness is to be mindful about what one eats. AATMA is equipped to provide nutritional counselling on request. At AATMA, we believe that total body development is only possible through the balance of nutrition and consistent exercising.

AATMA is an exclusive, by appointment-only boutique Classical Pilates studio, located at the luxurious JW Marriott Hotel, Bangalore, that offers One-on-One private sessions & small group sessions.

AATMA was born as a community of like-minded Pilates enthusiasts - a collaborative group of individuals whose common purpose was to learn to transcend to a new way of life through Pilates.

It is as experiential as it can get!

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Joseph Pilates (1883-1967) was a German physical trainer best remembered for the invention and promotion of the Pilates method of physical fitness. Joseph had a number of health issues as a child, and he taught himself bodybuilding, wrestling, yoga, gymnastics, and martial arts in his quest to strengthen himself.

His observation & experiences taught him that modern lifestyle, bad posture, and inefficient breathing were the root causes of poor health. He designed a unique series of life-enhancing physical exercises that help correct muscular imbalances, and improve posture, coordination, balance, strength, and flexibility, as well as increase breathing capacity.

For the earliest models of exercise apparatus, Pilates took springs from the beds and attached them to the headboards and footboards of the iron bed frames, turning them into equipment that provided a type of resistance exercise for injured German soldiers during World War I. With partner and fellow instructor Clara, he opened the first Body Contrology Studio on Eighth Avenue in Manhattan in 1923.Joseph called his technique ‘Contrology’ - only later did it become known as ‘Pilates”.

Today, there are over 15 million Pilates practitioners & lovers around the world including famous athletes, dancers, models & actors!

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As an MBA having spent nearly 15 years as a Sales & Marketing Leader in the Luxury Hospitality Industry, it was the fast-paced work life that convinced Ramya to leave the corporate world behind and live life outside the human hamster wheel.

The 12-months Intermediate Teachers Training Certification Program from The Pilates Center (TPC), Boulder, Colorado, is Globally-recognized as amongst the finest Pilates Certification Programs. TPC, Boulder, Colorado, offers a comprehensive Certification program equipping the Instructor with expertise across all the Classical Pilates apparatus. The Certification also requires knowledge and understanding of the anatomy to assist clients efficiently. This program gave Ramya the confidence to guide clients through movement, and help them experience a heightened sense of awareness of the body anatomically.

Consistently practicing Pilates movement has empowered her to be in a constant state of becoming. Her clients range from teenagers, to active agers, dancers, sports professionals, corporate professionals, and wellness enthusiasts.

She hopes to share the power of Pilates with as many people as possible.

“I hope everyone finds the courage to live with compassion and faith. Pilates teaches you about your body in a way no other practise does. But you have to give it everything you have!”

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  • Centrally located in the heart of Bengaluru
  • Valet parking
  • Hygiene and safety standards of the Marriott International
  • Exclusive access to the studio on a pre-booked appointment only
  • Personalized Pilates sessions
  • Luxurious wash and change room
  • Serene Studio environment with a view of the expansive Cubbon Park
  • Physiotherapist on board by consultation
  • Nutritionist on board by consultation
  • Curated Wellness events by Invitation only
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